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St. Paul's Public School formerly known as St. Paul's English medium school was brought into existence way back in 1993.

In order to satisfy the aspirations of the people in and around Pallom area, (irrespective of the community, cast and creed) the members of the St. Paul's Orthodox Church, Pallom under the guidance and leadership of the the Vicar Rev. Fr. T.J . Joshua formed St. Paul's Charitable Society which lead the formation of St. Paul's Public School.

The main objective of the school is to impart to the students quality education and give awareness of the importance of retaining our cultural identity and moral values free of western influence; the medium on instruction being English.

The school got the No Objection Certificate from the Govt. of Kerala in 1999 and CBSE affiliation for middle class in 2001 and Secondary School affiliation in 2003. The latest extension of affiliation was obtained for five years from 2011 to 2016 from CBSE New Delhi. The school provides co-curricular activities like yoga, karate, dance, music, instrumental music and craft work.